Cowgirl Suits - The Story

The concept of a bodysuit for cowgirls had been percolating in the back of my mind since 2020 (when we all had nothing exciting to do). The idea actually stemmed from one particular candid photo of myself on my horse right before my run. Although the photo was super cute and captured such a special moment in time, one thing nearly stopped me from purchasing this photo… an unsightly and untucked shirt.

We have all been there, stuffing our shirt in our pants after hoisting ourselves into the saddle or caught with the tail of our shirt trailing behind us on the way home from third (I have watched enough Cowboy Channel to see that this is a reoccurring problem for us all). It is probably my number one pet peeve.

So this is my solution, the Cowgirl Suit. Bodysuits are a staple in my closet as far as daily wear goes and now in my repertoire of rodeo attire. Made in Canada and made for our sport, I am confident that you are going to want to get your hands on one of these shirts.

In addition, I wanted the shirts to represent the athlete in all equestrians and provide cowgirls with an athletic appearance and ability. It's Lulu, meets Kardash, meets cowgirl -  so basically who I am in a wearable item.

I am so inspired by the cowgirls ahead of me who have successfully launched their own brands and provide our industry with revolutionary products. I am so excited to share these shirts with my fellow competitors and blaze my own trail in the western fashion industry.